Science in Motion: A blog about Agroecology, field work, grad school (and more…)

We decided to start a Blog section where students/postdocs involved in Agroecology research at UCD have an opportunity to share some reflections and insights. Thoughts shared here are unedited and represent individual perceptions and opinions.

Here comes the first posts from lab members. If you want to contribute, reach out !

# 5 Teaching and learning as an agroecologist in the age of COVID-19: lessons in food system resilience

– By Alex Gulachenski, PhD student, Gaudin Lab/Rodrigues Lab

July 2020

#4 Sheep Grazing 101 – Calm, collected chaos

– By Sequoia Williams, MSc student, Gaudin Lab

April 2020

#3 Reflections and tips for attending your first scientific conference

– By Lindsay Dahlen, MSc student, Gaudin Lab

January 2020

#2 Great balls of dung, and other surprises

– By Dr Caitlin Peterson, Alumni, Gaudin Lab

November 2019

#1  Agroecological potential in action: fieldwork reflections on the power of observation

– By Krista Marshall, PhD student, Gaudin Lab

October 2019