Principal Investigator
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Amélie Gaudin

  • 2021-present: Endowed Chair in Agroecology
  • 2020-present: Associate Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
  • 2015-2020: Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
  • 2016-present: Adjunct, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • 2018-present: Section Chief Editor, AoB Plants
  • 2018-present: Associate Editor, Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems
Post Doctoral Fellows  
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Dr. Vivian Wauters

Developing best management practices for cover crop systems in Almond


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Project Scientists 

Dr. Andrea Leptin

Effects of root functional traits on plant microbial interactions regulating nitrogen cycling and use efficiency 


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Graduate Students
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Kelsey Brewer, PhD candidate (Soil&BioGeochem)

Potential of integrated crop livestock system for California agriculture 


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Krista Marshall, PhD candidate (Hort&Ag), FFAR Fellow 

Managing for soil health: targets and significance in almond orchards


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Sequoia Williams, PhD student (Soil&BioGeochem), Plant Science Award

Carbon and nitrogen coupling in integrated crop-livestock systems in California


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Alexandra Gulachenski, PhD candidate (Ecology, Co-advised with Jorge Rodrigues), Plant Science Award

Exploring the Role of Agroecosystem Design and Management in Building Californian Orchard System Resilience


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Katherine Simpson-Johnson, MSc student (Soil&BioGeochem)

Impact of mycorrhizal inoculants on processing tomato and soil health outcomes across different cropping systems


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Mariana Muñoz-Araya, PhD student (Hort&Ag), Fulbright Fellow

Impacts of long-term management on soil and plant resilience


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Profile photo of Alessandra Zuniga

Alessandra Zuniga, PhD student (Ecology, JDPE), NOAA-CESSRST Doctoral Fellow 

Effects of climate change stress on perennial cropping systems in California


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Undergrad Researchers 
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Frieda Schwebel, Plant Sciences Major with a focus in Crop Production, BSc


Profile photo of Frances Neill

Frances Neill, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Major, BSc



  • Post doctoral fellows

Vanessa Brisson, now at LLNL, Rhizosphere microbiome recruitment in maize: impacts of breeding and selection on P solubilizers. Read More

Emad Jahanzad, now at CDFA, Potential of whole orchard recycling and organic amendments to build sustainability and resilience of Almond production.  Read More

Meng Li , now at Penn State. Breeding for healthy soils: importance of rhizosphere microbes and functions. Read More

  • Graduate students 

Lindsay DahlenMSc (Hort&Agronomy, 2021), Impact of artificial selection on maize adaptation to low P. Read more

Leah Renwick, PhD/MSc (Hort&Ag- MSc IAD 2020), NSF Fellow, Plant Science Award. Impact of cropping system diversification on drought resilience and soil-plant-water relations. Read More

Jennifer Schmidt, PhD (Hort&Ag, 2020), UCD Graduate Fellow, Plant Science Award. Impact of maize domestication and breeding on rhizosphere eco-physiology and resource acquisition. Read More

Caitlin Peterson, PhD (GGE-IAD, 2019), NSF Fellow. Field level resilience and ecosystems services provision from integrated crop and livestock systems in Brazil. Read More

Emily Webster, MSc (Hort&Agronomy – IAD, 2017) Impact of pasture management on soil health and functioning in Nicaragua

  • Undergraduate Students and Interns

Aaron Lee, Brady Waino, SAFS Major 2018-2020. Effects of timing and quality of compost on N leaching potential on an organic farm (Scott Park) 

Jesper Richardy, Intern, University of Copenhagen 2018. Impact of organic management on tomato attractiveness to beet leafhoppers (CTRI)   

Joshua Garcia, McNair Scholar 2015-2017. Antarctic rhizobacterium: evaluating potential for root growth and productivity (Creative BioSc.)

Rebekah Velasco, IAD major 2016-2018. Soil health and resilience of vegetable cropping systems (OFRF)

Anna Azimi, SAFS Major 2016-2017. Soil health and resilience of vegetable cropping systems (OFRF)

Sort term general help on various projects (2016-present): Zulema Renteria, Lupe Garcia, Vivian Thieu, Jennifer Law, Daniel O’Brien, Hanna Ibiapina de Jesus, Thais Soares

Visiting scholars

Christos Vasilikiotis,  Assistant professor, Perrotis College/American Farm School, Greece.  Survey of almond root colonization by mycorrhizae. 

Pedro de Albuquerque Nunes, PhD scholar, Department of Forage Plants and Agrometeorology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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