This quarter: Spring 2019

PLS150. Sustainable Agroecosystem Management

Regular Teaching

PLS150, Spring, Undergraduate. Sustainable Agroecosystem Management. 2018 Syllabus here Watch the Spring group video projects here

ECL 216, Winter, Graduate. Ecology and Agriculture (with Neal Williams). Syllabus Here

HRT200A, Fall, Graduate. Principles of Horticulture and Agronomy (with Paul Gepts and Charlie Brummer)

Regular guest lectures:

PLS007, PLS162, ENH1, PLS100C, IAD202, SSC298, IAD10

Past Seminars/courses

Spring 2017: IAD 202N, Spring, Graduate. Analysis and Determinants of Farming Systems. Syllabus here

Winter 2017: ECL 290. Ecology and Agriculture. Syllabus here  

Fall 2015: Seminar on Regenerative Agriculture. Syllabus here