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I have decided to close the lab and offices and not wait for official closure of the University – be safe and keep healthy.


TENURED!! A very big thank to my team for the support and hard work!  

Third best poster!

And a third place for Best poster – well done Krista. 


It’s always a great experience to attend the EcoFarm conference. Valerie Eviner and I co-presented our work and thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in managing agroecosystems for resilience under a changing climate to organic farmers. 


I am grateful for the opportunity to participate to the “Farming in the new Normal” workshop . Very diverse full-day program for growers and ranchers put together by multiple stakeholders to share  adaptation strategies. I presented an overview of how adopting cover crops in Almond orchard systems might help.   

Archived news (from 2015-2019)

——-2019 ——-

12/15/2019: Vacations! Let’s recharge to make 2020 a success with lot’s of transitioning ahead of us: graduations, new team members and research….it will be about finding the right balance/integration to do it all while keeping the stress at bay and enjoying life, friends and family. See you all in 2020 and thank you for 2019!