Leah Renwick

PhD student (Hort&Agronomy- MSc IAD), NSF Fellow, Plant Science GSR award

Farming for resilience: how do crop diversity and tillage impact yield and soil functionning under drought? 

Email: llrenwick@ucdavis.edu


  • MSc – Horticulture and Agronomy, International Agricultural Development (University of California, Davis, Fall 2015)
  • BA– Spanish, Conservation and Resource Studies Minor (Agroecology) (University of California, Berkeley, 2014)

Research Interests: I am interested in improving understanding of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in agriculture through the application of ecological principles to the study of soil-plant-microbe cropping systems. In light of agriculture’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and predicted changes in climate that include warmer temperatures and more frequent and intense drought and heavy rainfall events, it is my goal to evaluate the potential of climate-smart management practices to reduce cropping system vulnerability to unfavorable climatic conditions. I am particularly interested in the impact of cropping system diversification, both temporal and spatial, and tillage practices on production, crop physiology and development, and soil health, water availability, and microbial ecology.