Emad Jahanzad 

Potential of whole orchard recycling and organic amendements to build sustainability and resilience of Almond production 

Email: ejahanzad@ucdavis.edu


  • PhD- Plant and Soil Sciences- Soil fertility and plant nutrition – University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Fall 2015)
  • MSc- Agronomy- Plant ecology and sustainable agriculture – University of Tehran (2008)
  • BSc – Agronomy and plant breeding – Roudhen University (2000)

Research Interests: I am interested in studying specific soil management practices which can improve sustainability of crop production and increasing their resiliency in response to a changing climate. In one of my research projects, I am studying the potential of whole orchard recycling in almond production systems to mitigate global emissions of carbon through sequestration and increase soil health. I am also interested in integrating cover crops into cropping systems in order to increase crop diversity and several ecosystems services offered by them, and to minimize off-farm inputs and nutrient losses by increasing nutrient cycling and use efficiency.