This quarter (W2018)

ECL 216, Graduate. Ecology and Agriculture. Syllabus here

Guest lectures: PLS162, PLS100C

Regular Teaching

PLS150, Spring, Undergraduate. Sustainable Agroecosystem Management. Syllabus hereWatch the Spring 2016 group video projects here! 

ECL 216, Winter, Graduate. Ecology and Agriculture. Syllabus Here

Regular guest lectures:

PLS162, ENH1, PLS100C, HRT200A, IAD202

Past Seminars/courses

Spring 2017: IAD 202N, Spring, Graduate. Analysis and Determinants of Farming Systems. Syllabus here

Winter 2017: ECL 290. Ecology and Agriculture. Syllabus here  

Fall 2015: Seminar on Regenerative Agriculture. Syllabus here